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Even Brian Williams thinks bats are cute

Whoever said bats aren’t cute? Not Brian Williams!

Now, I know I said that my next bat post would be about bat citizen science projects… But baby bats in blankets!

These poor little cuties were rescued by the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre in the wake of Australia’s devastating floods. Here’s more on the story with even more adorable photos like the one in the video.

Anyone know what kind of bats they are? I’m guessing some sort of flying fox (Pteropus spp.)?

3 comments to Even Brian Williams thinks bats are cute

  • Bats in a blanket? Now that’s a new phrase that might not catch on. It’s nice to see a positive piece on bats when they are in such trouble here in the eastern U.S. Some are now saying to expect the total extinction of several species from white nose syndrome. What would the world be like without bats? Who would inhabit the belfry in my head?

    • zoologirl

      Haha! I think I am going to try and use “bats in a blanket” in everyday conversation now. Example: That’s as cute as a bat in a blanket.

      Yes, the world definitely needs bats!

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